For further reflection and discussion

Matthew 6:19-34

- Jesus talks here about trusting God over money (invest in treasures in heaven more than treasures on earth, letting God being your master over God, trusting God will take care of you because of your value over money). 

- What are ways you are tempted to trust money over God and how can you notice when that is growing in your life?

- What has helped you hard in your career to be successful and make money yet not get your identity from your career but first get your identity from God?


- A major way to trust God over money is to trust God with your money by being generous and giving to the needy and to church. This spiritual discipline helps you become a generous and God trusting person over time. 

- What are your convictions on giving to the church?

- What principles help you decide how much you give to the church?


Pray together to trust and get your identity in God over money and let that flow over into living a generous life and giving to the needy.