Our Mission

We partner with God's Spirit, helping everyone grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Our Vision

Walking the way of Jesus, together, as His spiritual family.

North River Attributes/Values

  1. We believe in living according to God’s Word. As a church, we strongly encourage our members to read, discern and to remain faithful to the teachings of the scriptures.
  2. As a diverse family of believers, we recognize, respect and celebrate our differences as we worship Christ together and remain united through God’s Holy Spirit.  
  3. We believe we are at our best when we are pouring our lives into the people around us. So we encourage members to engage in mentoring relationships that are consistent, diverse and intergenerational. 
  4. We strive to have a lifetime path of spiritual growth. No matter your age or life stage, you can hang out here forever. 
  5. We partner with God to raise up and train leaders to make a difference in the world.
  6. With Jesus as our focal point, we build a culture where every member is valued and engaged in His Church. 
  7. Compassion drives our impact. Therefore, we empower our members to love, serve, and care for those who are hurting and needy all around us.
  8. We believe God uses people to bring light into the world, so we work to equip every member to help the lost to find God. 
  9. In a broken world, we provide a spiritual home and give value to individuals and families. 
  10. In our individualistic society, we are a spiritual family that lives out the deep “one another” relationships found in the scriptures. 
Welcome to North River!

A few of the details below have changed due to Covid-19 - please check our Events page for the latest information regarding our Sunday Services and if you have any questions, please Contact Us!

Here's a few things to expect when you come to worship with us:

  • What is it like? We meet at 10am on Sunday mornings with amazing worship, a sermon message, and communion! You will also hear about what's going on throughout our church.
  • What about my kids? We have children's classes for ages 6 months up to 5th grade! Check-in for kid’s classes begins 30 minutes before service starts, so please plan to arrive a few minutes early to check them in. We also offer classes for Middle schoolers in our Lighthouse Building right at the top of the hill. 
  • Where do I park? The large parking lot out front is a great spot! On the first row, closest to the building, we have a few specially reserved spots for those visiting with us so please feel free to park there!
  • What do I wear? Whatever you're comfortable with! We have everything from Sunday best to casual, it's totally up to you. But we do ask for modesty in what you choose to wear.
  • How can I get connected? We hope to get to know you better, please come visit us! Follow the links below to ask a specific question or subscribe to our weekly newsletter! 


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